10 Things You Should Know

10 Things You Should Know

This guide focuses on 10 key issues, formulated as essential questions, central to the sustainable procurement of wood and paper-based products.

Wood and paper-based products can be an environmentally and socially sound purchasing option.

The essence of sustainable procurement is to select these products with acceptable and even beneficial environmental and social impacts. While sustainable procurement is an investment in a better world, it is also an investment in a better bottom line.

  Sourcing and Legality Aspects  
Where do the products come from?
  Information Accuracy
Is information about the products credible?
Have the products been legally produced?
  Environmental Aspects  
Have forests been sustainably managed?
  Unique Forest Values
Have unique forest values been protected?
Have climate issues been addressed?
Have appropriate environmental controls been applied?
  Fresh and Recycled fiber
Have fresh and recycled fiber been used appropriately?
  Other Resources
Have other resources been used appropriately?
  Social Aspects  
  Social Impacts
Have the needs of local communities, indigenous peoples and workers been addressed?

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