A project aimed to reduce trade in illegal timber by helping members of European timber trade federations to work towards legality verification of their timber and wood products, and to implement robust chain of custody systems. TTAP is a private-sector initiative created by a number of European timber trade federations, and it is being implemented by The Forest Trust. TTAP is funded by the European Commission and its European partner timber trade federations.

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The Forest Trust

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Provides training, advice and financial support to companies aiming at the establishment of robust chain of custody systems that allow them to track their wood from the forests through processing facilities and to export destinations in the EU.

Information Accuracy

Promotes third-party verification. Participating companies are required to comply with chain of custody and legality requirements that include specifications for verification.


Compiles legality checklists against which it assesses gaps in the legality of identified supply chains in producer countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia; it offers technical guidance to companies to fill such gaps and to achieve third-party verification of legality. Country legality checklists are developed based on international legality requirements (e.g., Smartwood, etc.) and in-country draft or generic legality standards, when available.